Unmatched Competitive Advantage


We prefer to work with GP's with an unmatched competitive advantage similar to our Scale Improvement System called "SIS"


SIS is based on a scale rating of 150 to 350 for the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Solve day to day problems of the tenant base

  • Problem: No Parking. Solution: Add carports

  • Problem: No time (Workforce). Soution: Add Interior washer dryers

  • Problem: No Space. Solution: Add Storage units

  • Problem: Hispanics: English. Solution: Provide English Teaching Class (hispanics)

  • Problem: Drug Dealers. Solution: Security guard, gate

  • Problem: Backpain (Workforce). Solution: Provide Massage services (workforce)

  • Problem: Getting Fat. Provide Metabolic Balance, Fitness center

  • Problem: Stress. Provide Jacuzzi, Health Activities 

  • Problem: Walking (Seniors). Provide transport services

  • Problem: Fall (Seniors). Solution: Add safety features

  • Problem: Living on a Budget (Seniors). Provide Discount Coupons   

Step 2: Improve the quality of life of the tenant base

  • Do not just provide a solution to a problem, give them a better quality of life!

  • Curb appeal. Tenants will say: "Wow, love it here"

  • What do Students like? Wifi. Add free and super fast Wifi.

Step 3: Improvements, added value, cost reduction measures. 

  • Add value-adds such as additional housing units or garages. 

  • Upgraded interiors

  • Charge higher rent for units with better location within the community, ie: a view vs no vie, on a buzy street vs in quite area. 

  • Charge late fees, pet rent, application fees, month-to-month fees

  • Bill back water and trash costs to tenants -called RUBS

  • Lighting in common areas. Upgrade the lighting to LED. One will notice a huge reduction in operating costs.

  • Another important point is that with rising water prices and increasing droughts, such as we are experiencing in Texas, the ability to conserve water is also very important

  • ​And landscaping is an important factor. For example, you can make sure systems are working properly and you can have smart irrigation controls to make watering plants smarter and more precise. 

  • ​You could also remove some turf and replace some parts with things like native plants and drip irrigation.

  • There are so many communities with huge amounts of turf that use water. 

  • Water leaks are also a big source of water waste.

  • You have to make sure that the Local Team or property management is really focused on preventing leaks.

Step 4: Implement Unique Community Life Style. 

  • Create a unique community lifestyle for niche market 

  • What do children like? Playing. Solution: Upgrades of children's playground

  • What do hispanics teenager like? Soccer. Remove Basketball, install soccer field

  • Niche tenants (Hispanics). Love Eating together. Add barbeque place (hispanics)

  • What do Seniors like? Uncomplicated & easy. Add easy Assisted Living Technology

SIS leads to "WOW"-Tenants that pay higher rents...