Team (LP)


Marcel T. Rutz


Saskia M. Strasser

In 2010, we started our investment journey by investing in apartments and houses, mainly in Europe, Asia and the US. In 2016, we became aware of multifamily properties and in 2017 we joined a US based Network of multifamily owners and investors. Currently we are passively involved in about 17 deals with over 3300 doors. Born & raised in Switzerland, we chose an educational path that 70% of Swiss people follow, namely a commercial vocational apprenticeship in insurance & hotel and we earn our living in the consulting and service industry in Switzerland.  We monitor entrepreneurial and operational multifamily projects in booming and stable U.S. markets throughout their investment cycle.


We have extensive experience studying investment summaries, private placements memoranda, deal and market analysis, and building and networking with a variety of trusted local project partners on the ground. The goal is to invest in a new deal each year and leave a footprint of sustainable, upgraded middle-class apartment communities at affordable rents. 


Giving back: Financial Education is an online video coaching program for German-speaking real estate enthusiasts who want to better understand a passive income stream in the US with a niche investment strategy. Marcel was co-author of the book "Das System Immobilie" and was a speaker in 2017 at the Immopreneur Congress in Frankfurt and 2016, the Property Investor and Homebuyer Show in London. He is also the initiator and founder of the podcast host "US Multifamily Apartment Investing Stars & Stripes" on itunes and google play

 Hypothetical scenario with 50'000 USD per year in 10 years