Niche investment strategy in rented multifamily residential apartments in need of optimization that can be repositioned into prime and sustainable residential developments 

  • Focus on strategic acquisition, upgrading and operation of value-added multifamily homes in emerging US Markets such as Texas and Central Florida, in up-and-coming locations, the property must be near a hospital and with shopping opportunities.

  • Improve operations, have experience in transforming operational problems, know how to effectively enforce physical improvement, and have knowledge of turning around properties that suffer from and/or have capital constraints.

  • Have experience with a five-year exit strategy, whether by selling or refinancing an accumulated, stabilized portfolio to another investment group or institutional investment company 


Open Letter To Our Dealsponsors 


Please Implement the following 5 simple, low-cost sustainability measures to get on the path to sustainability: 

  1. Probably the most cost-effective measure is still lighting in common areas. This is a great opportunity to save money. We think as the cost of LEDs decreases, fewer and fewer apartment communities will be discouraged from doing a major lighting retrofit. We see a lot of potential returns and quick paybacks here for common area lighting. You'll see a huge reduction in operating costs.

  2. Another important point is that with rising water prices and increasing droughts, such as we are experiencing in Texas, the ability to conserve water is also of great importance.

  3. And landscaping is an important factor. For example, you can make sure systems are working properly and you can have smart irrigation controls to make watering plants smarter and more precise.

  4. You could also remove some turf and replace some parts with things like native plants and drip irrigation. There are so many communities with huge amounts of turf that use water.

  5. Water leaks are also a big source of water waste. You have to make sure that the Local Team or property management is really focused on preventing leaks.