Tightly focused

GeldSmart Investments is executing a tightly focused cash flow acquisition strategy of buying middle market, under performing multifamily assets that can be repositioned toward the rapidly growing niche health care workforce demographic niche market using an active lifestyle approach to increase quality of life. The most viable formula is one that works. Some in our industry call it a niche, and we are solidly entrenched in a unique niche investment strategy that has proven itself over and over again.


We are looking to expand our real estate portfolio with investors focusing on multifamily properties with a value-add quality in US Emerging markets specifically Job growth areas and currently seeking passive investors who are looking for a solid annual ROI of 12% - 15% (IRR) by investing in multifamily properties that require slight value-add advantages in growth areas.

Minimum Investment:

Due to high demand for our projects, the minimum investment we are accepting for new investors is USD/EUR/CHF 75,000+. All investors must be accredited. Click here to see the definition of an Accredited Investor.


Buying value-add

We have learned that buying value-add, under performing multifamily properties and repositioning them to a growing and under served target segment using our unique SIS improvement method, creates excellent opportunity for maximum profit:

  • Creating more pricing power from unmatched competition

  • Managing risk better because of the predictable outcomes

  • Producing consistent investment returns from stable operations.

If our niche real estate investment strategy is similar to your own, then we cordially invite you to contact us.